New Chat Rooms System for 2017

We finally upgraded our public text chat room system!

Many of our members loved the old system exactly as it was, and I admit, there really wasn’t anything wrong with our old system. The new system is actually very similar, and we like it like that!

This new system is a little faster, and it has many more options that we have not made public yet. Registered members can ask for a beta invite to test out the avatar features in this new system. Currently we have the avatars and a few other goodies turned off in the public facing chat. You can access some of the new features in the password protected system though!

Always looking to make things better, and listening to the suggestions from everyone in the comments and via emails has us thinking of ways we can make more people happy more of the time! Keep them coming! We’ll try to keep more coming too!

What kind of sex chat do you like?

After spending a few years in and out of different chat rooms I have noticed that some people appear to be focused on chatting about certain fantasies, or looking for roleplay chat. I wonder what percentage of people go to the chat rooms specifically because they are looking to talk with others and engage in specific fantasies, or if a majority of people are just looking to chat about sex and different scenarios naturally get injected into the conversations?

From poking around the chat rooms I am guessing it’s about two thirds looking for sexy conversations in general, and about one third looking specifically for certain role play fantasy chat. This is just a guess, and I wonder if people add their comments here if we would have some kind of better numbers. Kind of an informal poll I guess.

Of course the numbers in the comments here will be skewed to just those who actually make a comment, but it would still be interesting to see what people say.

Good fucking times!

Oh, it’s been such good fucking times! I think some of the users here have taken for granted how many good fucking times we have had here. It is so easy to stay on focused on the times that you are not happy about something, that it becomes even easier to forget about the really great times (and good fucks) that you have had in the past, even when it was not so long ago!

I read an article somewhere that talked about how humans tend to auto-forget similar experiences. Of course I have seen other research that shows how humans tend to really go away from fear and bad things – but it seems that these days we mainly stay focused on the bad things, and trying to change them, and not enough time reflected on  he good things that we have been taking for granted.

This is my reminder that if you have spent hours in a sex chat room being bored, or trying to debate stupid drama, let that shit go. Be a mature adult – let is slide, and instead think about the really good cybersex you had once before, or would like to have again. While you are waiting for another great opportunity like that to arise – write a blog post, or post in the forums about your fantasy good time, and perhaps someone else who shares similar desires will read your post another day, and find you for a future fuck of a lifetime.

Sure it’s just a chance, but focusing on the good gives you that chance – just focusing on the drama and bland is not going to increase those chances is it?

Good fucking times – cheers!