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What kind of sex chat do you like?

After spending a few years in and out of different chat rooms I have noticed that some people appear to be focused on chatting about certain fantasies, or looking for roleplay chat. I wonder what percentage of people go to the chat rooms specifically because they are looking to talk with others and engage in specific fantasies, or if a majority of people are just looking to chat about sex and different scenarios naturally get injected into the conversations?

From poking around the chat rooms I am guessing it’s about two thirds looking for sexy conversations in general, and about one third looking specifically for certain role play fantasy chat. This is just a guess, and I wonder if people add their comments here if we would have some kind of better numbers. Kind of an informal poll I guess.

Of course the numbers in the comments here will be skewed to just those who actually make a comment, but it would still be interesting to see what people say.